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On Eagle's Wings
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On Eagle's Wings

Cisca Metselaar
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Over the years, many people have shared their Near Death Experience. Many of these experiences show similarities, some of these people have experienced a tunnel or heard the beautiful music and seen the colourful flowers. Sharing these experiences is useful.
By sharing these with each other, we can positively influence one another. It can completely change our lives.
In addition, the people you tell about your Near Death Experience can also undergo a change, it can lead to the development of a stronger consciousness and this can lead to their spiritual growth.
When I watched my grandfather pass, I had many questions. About God, about life, about death. I had great difficulty with a condemning God. Fortunately, through these experiences I have been able to investigate and grow spiritually. Sharing my experience with others has helped me come to terms with the loss of my beloved grandfather and grandmother. The ‘why’ was sometimes difficult for me; however, the thought that my grandparents are now somewhere where there is love and understanding has given me more faith in the Divine and in life.
Even though this book is largely about death, I enjoy life!
Life on the other side, in the Spring country, is real.
When you see a boat on the horizon and the boat becomes a smaller and smaller dot until you can no longer see the boat, that does not mean, the boat is gone. It is the same with the other world, we cannot see everything, but it is still there.


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ISBN:  9789460083426
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