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ISBN 9070037394
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Yggdrasil; strength,honour,truth,excitement,love and righteous passion. All not made for these times? Are theystill apparent underneath the surface? Hidden far awayuntil someone reaches out or better yet,in? Could theyreturn and restore a soul?

This is what is inside the minds of some. Not religion, a form of New Age or any other kind of expression. These texts show what happens when heart and mind merge.This book is simplya thought pattern.In this small volume the length of what is hidden, though so obvious, is explored through poetry and short stories. A dance of words to reveal ones self or just to enjoy.An experiment with a different state of mind.A delightful journey to benefit from. A challenge to discover what is

… What will always be …


ISBN: 90-70037-39-4
blz.: 112
formaat: paperback

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