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Gérard van Diemen
Prijs: €18,51
ISBN 9789077764558
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At the end of a successful career the main character in Anne suddenly encounters a number of mishaps in hislife. Within a short time frame he loses a family member, his status, his wife, a loved one, his health and his house. He feels lost and embarks on a journey of exploration and discovery. He calls on a doctor, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, an acupuncturist, a masseur, a palm reader, a spiritual healer and a good number of friends.

He also reads several books and stumbles upon quite a few esoteric manuals. Over time, the messages he receives appear to bring the puzzle pieces together and he slowly starts to crawl out of his depression.

Anne is a book about love and the desperation that unanswered love can bring. Anne is also about the search for enlightenment and the pain and anxieties that are caused by carrying the burden of the past.

Gérard van Diemen captures the turbulences of living an illusory self in a brutally honest manner.

ISBN: 978-90-77764-55-8
blz.: 292
formaat: paperback A5


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