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The illusion of Penny

The illusion of Penny

Gérard van Diemen
Prijs: €17,43
ISBN 9789460080852
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“I’m looking for Penélopê, or Penny as I call her. Who she is? No clue. Why am I looking for her? Because I know she exists. Am I stupid? Not at all! If at any point in my life I have been absolutely certain about something, it is this. And I will find her. No matter where she is!”

Thus begins Gérard the fascinating tale of his search for his beloved one, the modern-day equivalent of the mythological Penélopê. Will he find her, or does she represent something else, bigger: the purpose of life?

Penny is an captivating account of how we like to control our destiny and, at the same time, miss out on the wonders of the present. Gérard’s stories of adventure and transformation are eminently recognizable and also gems of eye-openers, of precious use to fellow travelers on life’s journey.

ISBN: 9789460080852
blz.: 273
formaat: paperback, 14,8 x 21 cm


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