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Constitution Proposal

Constitution Proposal

Jos Boersema
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* We can not build without a political/economic solution: analysis, solutions, laws. A system of society/law must be invented, and then a way to get it (overcoming distortion of democracy by Capital). This sheet proposes a certain solution, worked out in detail elsewhere.
* Trading of products and services is (should be) a protection for the people that produce them. To be fair this demands equal power between all people.
* The things that go wrong without justification, are the result of the greedy and unaccountable management invested in by the gambling private financiers for their own sake (Capitalist distortion of the free markets).

* All investment money becomes a democratic tool, no more private gambling with people?s lives by the unproductive financial investment sector.
* Companies become democracies when the business starter leaves. Starter gets compensation and a share of future profits.
* Land for nature and public utility is subtracted from the total of the Nation first, what remains is divided equally. What you can do with it is limited by democratic government to prevent chaos. You can not sell/lose this right, but you can rent it out.
* Sectors of productivity where competition for consumer favor does not work because there can?t be enough competitors or the cost of bankruptcy is too high that it can?t be allowed anyway, are directed by democracy/negotiation.
* Money is transferred to a new (not global) currency to flush out private Capital. The money and debt of people is transplanted to the new money, but a maximum (30 times average?) is set for everyone, what is more is not transplanted to the new money (it stops existing).
* The maximum size of a Nation will be 100 million voters, each Nation will be fully sovereign.

* First thinking about (this and/or other) solutions, improving them where needed. See for theory, Constitution proposal, technology:

ISBN: 978-90-77764-93-0
blz.: 418
formaat: paperback 17 x 24 cm

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