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Revolution and Reform

Revolution and Reform

Jos Boersema
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Complete recipe for anything from small impacts on local policy making, to effective ways of improving the existence of good jobs in the economy, setting up political parties that do not rot (as quickly), ways to use them to wage political revolution, constructive peaceful revolution by constructing a new Government (slowly creating that new model, and/or by sudden mass action), a peoples army defense against the essence of tyranny (denial of the political rights freedom of speech and assembly). Also covered a way to prevent riots, and how to set up a self-organization which is democratic.

The second part of this booklet contains a complete Constitution text, which is the model one can choose to implement or work towards. The model uses a free trade system because that is necessary for large groups such as nations (above the mutual anonymity barrier). Trade until now was infested with abuses of power and the power positions that allowed that abuse: land ownership concentration, enormous personal wealth, company ownership of a tyrannical nature, the unrestrained money power. New model corrects these issues. This Constitution contains a set of civil rights only to make it a complete Constitution (chapter 2). Any set of civil rights that seems agreeable should be good with it.

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Formaat: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-94-6008-103-3

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